Environmental Policies

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Policies and Legislations to safeguard watershed areas as well as regulate use of its natural resources


Policies and Legislations


Philippine Constitution (1986)

Contains the State’s obligation to protect and advance the right of the people to a balanced and healthful ecology (Article 2, Section 15 and 16).

Local Government Code Republic Act 7160 (1991)

Certain sections strengthen the role of LGUs in the environmental governance of the country.

Republic Act 10121

An Act strengthening the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management System, providing for the National DRRM framework and institutionalizing the National DRRM Plan, appropriating funds therefore and for other purposes

Republic Act 9729

An act mainstreaming climate change into government policy formulations, establishing the framework strategy and program on climate change, creating for this purpose the climate change commission, and for other purposes

Proclamation No. 2149 (1981)

Declares certain areas including watershed reserves as environmentally critical and within the scope of the EIS system.

Republic Act No. 7586  or the  National Integrated Protected Areas System Act of


Encompass outstanding remarkable areas and biologically important public lands that are habitats of rare and endangered species of plants and animals, biogeographic zones and related ecosystems, whether terrestrial, wetland or marine, all of which shall be designated as protected areas. 


Republic Act No. 7942 or the Philippine Mining Act (1995)


Provides that proclaimed watershed reserves, old growth or virgin forests, wilderness areas, mossy forests and NIPAS areas among others are closed to mining applications. Mining contractors are also required to undertake environmental protection and enhancement programs to include among other things revegetation, watershed development and water conservation.

People’s Small Scale Mining Program Republic Act 7076 (1991)

Allows small mining operators including the poor people to benefit from the country’s mineral resources.

Republic Act No. 8041 Water Crisis Act (1995


Directs the government to adopt urgent and effective measures to address national water crisis; provides for the identification and designation of critical watersheds where development undertakings are to be suspended.

Presidential Decree 1152 or The Philippine Environment Code (1996)

Prescribes management guidelines aimed to protect and improve the quality of Philippine water resources through improvement of the quality of the Philippine water resource.

Republic Act 8435 or The Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act (1997)


Prescribes that DA will coordinate with DENR concerning preservation and rehabilitation of watersheds to support irrigation systems; promotes development that is compatible with the preservation of the ecosystem in areas where agriculture and fisheries activities are carried out.

Republic Act 8371 or The Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (1997


Ascribes rights of the ICC/IPs sustainable use, manage, protect, conserve land, water and other areas of economic value; ascribes the right to formulate and pursue their own plans for sustainable management and development of land and natural resources; provides that government adopt effective measures to implement laws that will preserve the quality of surface and ground water that may affect ancestral domains.

Presidential Decree 1067 or The National Water Code of the Philippines


Governs the ownership, appropriation, utilization, exploitation, development, conservation and protection of water resources.


Republic Act 9275 or The Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004

Aims to protect the country’s water bodies from pollution from land-based sources (industries and commercial establishments, agriculture and community/household activities).


Republic Act No. 9003

The Ecological Solid Waste Management Act


Pollution Control Law Presidential Decree 984 (1976)

Provides guidelines for prevention, abatement and control of pollution of water, air and land.

Philippine Environmental Impact Statement System Presidential Decree 1586 (1978)

Mandates EIS for government and private sector projects affecting the quality of the environment.

Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law Republic Act 6657 (1987)

Exempts land devoted to reforestation, wildlife, etc. from land conversion.

EO No. 223 (1987)

Vests in the PNOC jurisdiction on the management of certain areas supporting hydropower and geothermal project.

EO 224 (1987)

Provides that management of certain watershed area was transferred to the jurisdiction of National Power Corporation pursuant to the energy-generating program of the government.

Joint Memorandum Circular No. 98-01

Manual of Procedures for DENR-DILG-LGU partnership on devolved and other forest management functions

Executive Order No. 23

Declares a moratorium on the cutting and harvesting of timber in natural and residual forests nationwide, and creating the Anti-Illegal Logging Task Force


Executive Order No. 26


Declares the implementation of the National Greening Program as a government priority program to reduce poverty, promote food security, environmental stability and biodiversity conservation, and enhance climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Executive Order No. 277

Amends Section 68 of PD 705, penalizing possession of timber and other forest products without legal documents.


Executive Order No. 263

Adopts community-based forest management as the national strategy to ensure the sustainable development of the country's forestland resources and for social equity.


DENR Administrative Order No. 97-05

Defines the procedures in the retention of areas within certain distances along the banks of rivers, streams, and shore of seas, lakes and oceans for environmental protection.


DENR Administrative Order No.92-34

Rules and Regulations to Implement Republic Act No. 7076 Otherwise Known as "Peoples Small Scale Mining Act of 1991".


DENR Administrative Order No.92-50

Guidelines on the Disposition of Confiscated Logs, Lumber and Other Forest Products for Public Infrastructure Projects.


DENR Administrative Order No. 15-90


Amends certain provisions of DAO 96-29 and providing specific guidelines for the Establishment and Management of Community-Based Projects within Protected Areas.


DENR Administrative Order 96-26, September 10, 1996

Revised Guidelines Governing the Harvest and Transport of Planted Trees and Non-Timber Products within Social Forestry Areas.


DENR Memorandum Circular No. 24, July 13, 1994


Implementing Guidelines for the Conversion of Timber License Agreements (TLAs) to Industrial Forest Management Agreements (IFMAs).


DENR Administrative Order No. 42, August 22, 1991

Revised Regulations and Guidelines Governing the Establishment and Development of Industrial Forest Plantations (IFPs)


DENR Administrative Order No. 62, October 15, 1993

Institutionalizes community organizing as an approach and strategy in the planning and implementation of programs and projects in the DENR.


DENR Administrative Order No. 68, December 16, 1993

Amendment to DAO No. 60, Series of 1993, to encourage more investors in the IFP program of the government and to accelerate the establishment of industrial forest plantations.


DENR Memorandum Circular No. 09, August 03, 1992

Requires Timber License Agreement/Timber Production Sharing Agreement holders to prepare and submit a Medium Term Forest Management Plan.


DENR Memorandum Circular No. 35, November 17, 1993

Criteria and guidelines for the Categorization of the Protected Areas under the National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS)

DENR Memorandum Circular No. 17, May 13, 1993

Guidelines on the conduct of Protected Area Suitability Assessment (PASA).


DENR Memorandum Circular No. 22, Series of 1992

Guidelines on the preparation and submission of maps of areas covered by the National Integrated Protected Areas System.